About us

Introducing our talented medium, Trace, who has a special gift for helping people connect to their deceased loved ones, and also helps earth-bound spirits cross over to the other side. With years of experience in the field of mediumship, she has developed unique techniques that have helped countless individuals deal with their grief and find peace in the knowledge that their loved ones are still with them.

Born with a natural intuitive sense, our medium began delving deeper into her abilities in adulthood, which eventually cultivated a desire to help others. Her love for healing and transformation led her to develop a keen interest in spiritual practices and study, which enabled her to harness her psychic abilities to help those in need.

Apart from providing closure to those seeking to connect with their deceased loved ones, she also has a special gift for helping earth-bound spirits cross over to the other side. Her gentle approach and compassionate nature enable her to alliviate the fears and worries of such spirits, which might be keeping them stuck in the earthly realm.

Our medium is also a skilled energy worker, who has helped individuals and organisations clear negative energy in their spaces. She has worked with clients who have experienced unexplainable incidents in their homes or offices, or who feel a persistant aura of negativity around them. Her expertise in energy work has enabled her to clear such spaces, allowing individuals to live or work more peacefully.

With a heart full of kindness and a desire to assist others, our medium is passionate about helping individuals find closure, peace and fulfillment in their lives. Her unique combination of talents makes her a truly gifted and remarkable individual who has touched the lives of many people, bringing light into their darkest moments.